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Ajrakh Lehenga


Unveiling our stunning 3D Ajrakh Lehenga model, a digital masterpiece meticulously designed for the virtual world. This exquisite red and white patchwork virtual garment is a fusion of traditional aesthetics and modern design, making it an ideal addition to any 3D animator’s, game developer’s, or VFX artist’s digital wardrobe.


    This 3D model, crafted with precision, showcases intricate Ajrakh prints and patterns, adding a touch of cultural authenticity to your digital characters. The red and white patchwork detailing enhances the visual appeal, making it a standout asset in any animation, game, or visual effects project.

    This 3D model is not just a digital representation, but a fully realized creation that brings a new level of detail and realism to your projects. It’s perfect for use in animations, video games, and visual effects, providing an extra layer of authenticity to your digital creations.

    The model is available in common 3D formats, including FBX, OBJ, Alembic, GLB, and .zprg (Marvelous Designer/Clo 3D), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of 3D software. This ensures that no matter your platform or project, our 3D Ajrakh Lehenga model can seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

    Key Features of our 3D Ajrakh Lehenga Model:

    • High-quality digital fabric and materials.
    • Authentic Ajrakh prints and patterns.
    • Red and white patchwork detailing for added visual appeal.
    • Compatible with a wide range of 3D software.
    • Ideal for animations, video games, and VFX projects