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Virtual Almari Store


Elevate your style game with our fashion-forward FAQs: Unlock style secrets, unravel trends, and find answers that make you runway-ready!.

What is Virtual Almari?

Virtual Almari is an e-commerce website specializing in virtual clothing for animators and game developers. We offer a diverse range of clothing styles including Western, Indian, and more.

What types of files are available with the purchase?

Each purchase includes a variety of file formats such as .obj+.mtl, .fbx, .alembic, .zprj (compatible with Marvelous Designer and Clo 3D), and .glb. These formats cater to the diverse needs and software preferences of our customers.

How will I receive my files after purchase?

After the purchase is confirmed, a link to download the files will be sent to your registered email address.

For how long will the download link be active?

The download link provided in your email will be active for 7 days from the date of purchase.

How many times can I download the purchased files?

Each file you purchase can be downloaded a maximum of 3 times within the active period before the download link expires.

Can I request for customizations on the virtual clothing available on Virtual Almari?

Yes, we do offer customization services. If you have specific requirements or a unique design in mind, you can reach out to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

Do you have clothing suitable for all game and animation platforms?

Our wide variety of virtual clothing is designed to be versatile and compatible with most animation and game development platforms. However, we recommend checking the specific compatibility details listed with each item before purchase.

What software are your clothes compatible with?

Our virtual clothing files are compatible with a variety of 3D software including, but not limited to, Marvelous Designer, Clo 3D, and any software that can read .obj, .fbx, .alembic, .zprj, and .glb file formats.

Still having queries?
No need to worry, just mail us at [email protected] or give a call us at +91-8955363765